Completed Projects

Strengthening Internal Monitoring and Complaints/Requests Procedures in Penitentiary Institutions

Project name: “Strengthening internal monitoring and complaints/requests procedures in penitentiary institutions”

Funded by: Open Society – Georgia

Project status:Completed

Project duration: October 2014 - September 2015

Project objectives:
To improve internal monitoring and complaints/requests procedures and to bring them in compliance with the international standards; to increase access to legal aid in submission of requests/complaints; to develop effective practice of consideration of complaints/requests.

Project activities:
Prisoners have been interviewed in the framework of the project according to preliminary elaborated questionnaire. 5 employees of the department and 3 experts participated in the project. The questionnaire was worked out by a sociologist. In addition, Prevention and Monitoring Department conducted a study of regulatory framework for legal remedies in the context of international standards and analyzed registered complaints/claims and related decisions in pre-selected penitentiaries. The special report was published after completion of the project and submitted findings of the foregoing monitoring and study.

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