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Public Defender Establishes Direct Discrimination on Grounds of Membership of Trade Union against Public Broadcaster

On May 31, 2017, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed the Public Broadcaster with a recommendation concerning direct discrimination against L.M. on grounds of trade union membership.

L.M. had been working in the Public Broadcaster on the basis of a labour contact since 2014. In May 2016, the applicant established a trade union and started to express critical opinions about the Public Broadcaster quite often.

In late January 2017, a one-month labour contract was signed with the applicant, like 12 other employees. After the expiration of the contract term, labour relations were suspended only with the applicant; the employer named the expiration of the term as the motive.

In the recommendation the Public Defender pointed out that the release of only the applicant out of the 13 employees, with whom the Public Broadcaster signed one-month labour contracts, raises suspicions concerning unequal treatment, especially given that the materials provided by the applicant confirms his activity in the trade union and expression of critical opinions on the problems existing in the Public Broadcaster.

Keeping the abovementioned in mind, the Public Defender addressed the Public Broadcaster with a recommendation to eliminate the discriminatory treatment of L.M. through reinstating him, to refrain from discriminatory treatment for trade union membership or on other grounds in the future and to observe the principle of equality.

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