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Public Defender Addresses Liberty Bank with Proposal to Take into Account Needs of Persons with Disabilities

Despite numerous responses to the discriminatory restriction on accessibility by the Public Defender of Georgia, access to various services remains a topical and important problem for persons with disabilities.

On November 19, 2020, the Public Defender addressed JSC Liberty Bank with a general proposal to adapt the buildings of the bank as soon as possible, as well as to ensure the accessibility of all services and information to persons any with disability, regardless of the type of disability.

The applicant pointed out that a ramp was installed at the entrance to one of Liberty Bank's branches, although the above did not create an adapted environment for people with disabilities, as the ramp did not have a railing to help a person with disabilities enter the building. The applicant stated that Liberty Bank did not take into account the needs of persons with disabilities - to use a variety of services in an environment tailored to them, inter alia, to receive a monthly social package.

The Public Defender will continue to work actively on the rights of persons with disabilities in the future too.

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