The Public Defender’s recommendation to the Head of the Department of Prisons

In accordance with Paragraph B of Article 21 of the Organic Law of Georgia on the Public Defender of Georgia, the Public Defender of Georgia, George Tugushi, addressed the Head of the Department of Prisons of the Ministry of Corrections, Probation and Legal Assistance with a recommendation to ensure that all measures necessary for the safety of M. Arkania are taken and that he is transferred to another penal institution if needed.


The Public Defender received an application of Nino Arkania, the sister of Malkhaz Arkania, a convict placed in the Gldani Establishment No. 8. She explained that her brother was under pressure from the prison authorities. According to her, the convict’s life is under danger and it is necessary to transfer him to another penal establishment.

Representatives of the Public Defender have visited M. Arkania several times. During these visits, he wavered between confirming and denying the fact of physical and psychological pressure that had been exerted on him both before and after being placed in the establishment. Finally, M. Arkania demanded that the explanatory note given to the Public Defender’s representatives remain confidential.

Based on all the aforementioned, the Public Defender considers that M. Arkania’s condition requires special attention and he may really be under certain pressure from the prison authorities and law enforcement officers.

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