Sexual Harassment in Non-Verbal Form Established Towards Employee by Supervisor

On February 27, 2024, the Public Defender established sexual harassment in labour relations. In particular, the head of one of the companies came out of the bathroom of an apartment rented by the company naked, with only a towel wrapped around his waist, which created a humiliating/intimidating environment for his female co-worker and eventually forced her to leave her workplace.

In the present case, the Public Defender discussed the importance of creating an environment free of sexual harassment in the workplace. According to the Public Defender, sexual harassment in labour relations not only has a negative impact on the welfare of the victim, but also damages the organizational culture.

Accordingly, the Public Defender recommended the head of the private company not to engage in sexual harassment in the future, in the workplace or in other relationships, and not to create an environment that is offensive, intimidating or inappropriate for people's dignity, as well as to develop an internal organizational document, laying down the procedures for examining cases of alleged sexual harassment with victim-oriented approaches.

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