Public Defender Addresses Gori Mayor with Recommendation concerning Rights Situation of Children in Kindergartens of Villages of Kvakhvreli and Skra

On April 16, 2018, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed the Gori Mayor with a recommendation to improve the existing situation in the kindergartens of the villages of Skra and Kvakhvareli.

On December 15, 2017, representatives of the Public Defender of Georgia examined situation in the kindergartens of the villages of Skra and Kvakhvareli in Gori municipality. The Public Defender's Office examined the efficiency of the service provided to the beneficiaries and its compliance with the legislation.

The monitoring showed that the situation in the mentioned kindergartens is not in compliance with the basic standards and requirements of the Law of Georgia on Early and Pre-school Care and Education; physical and infrastructural environment and sanitary conditions need to be significantly improved; the kindergartens are not regularly supplied with renewed educational inventory and visual aids for effective implementation of the pre-school education program. The main building of the kindergarten of the village of Kvakhvareli is damaged, due to which, the kindergarten is located in the rooms rented in one of the houses. Consequently, conditions in the kindergarten at this stage are not relevant for functioning of a preschool institution.

Interviews with teachers showed that no regular trainings are held for the majority of them relating to early and pre-school education, elimination of violence and managing/preventing challenging behavior.

The Public Defender of Georgia recommends the Gori Mayor to take appropriate measures in order to improve the situation in the kindergartens of the villages of the Skra and Kvakhvareli and protect the safety of children; timely improve and rehabilitate the physical environment of these institutions and adapt them to the needs of the children. In addition, the Public Defender recommends the municipality to promote improvement of the personnel’s skills in the direction of protection of child's rights - plan and conduct educational courses and trainings about early and pre-school education, managing/preventing challenging behavior and elimination of violence.

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