Public Defender Establishes Discrimination against Georgian Airways

On August 6, 2018, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed Ltd Georgian Airways with a recommendation, after the latter did not provide a person with disabilities with a wheelchair.

According to the information posted on the company's website, they cannot provide a wheelchair unless they are notified of such a necessity 72 hours earlier. Since the citizen’s trip was planned in a shorter period due to his health condition, a representative of the company refused him to provide a wheelchair during the registration at the airport, while another employee of the company requested him to pay € 104. It should be noted that no information was posted on the website of the company about the mentioned fee. The person with disabilities had to walk, which caused bleeding from his wound.

According to the Public Defender, the applicant, unlike other persons with disabilities who had the opportunity to warn the company about their special need 72 hours before their flight, could not enjoy the special service, which in turn caused severe consequences. In addition, the applicant was put in a discriminatory situation by being requested to pay a fee.

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned, the Public Defender addressed LLC Georgian Airways with a recommendation to provide detailed information about the rights of passengers with restricted ability and mobility on the website, as well as to inform its own staff about the specific needs of persons with restricted ability and mobility.

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