Public Defender of Georgia Describes Parking Rules for Persons with Disabilities in Tbilisi as Discriminatory

On August 6, 2018, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed Tbilisi City Council with a recommendation to eliminate discrimination on the ground of disability and demanded re-regulation of parking rules within Tbilisi administrative boundaries.

As a result of the amendments made in 2018, only persons with first-degree disabilities have the right to enjoy the parking lots intended for persons with disabilities. Tbilisi City Council justifies such a approach, since the legislation generally distinguishes first-degreeand significant disabilities and the new regulation grants a privilege only to persons who require higher quality care based on factual situation.

The Public Defender discussed the issue in the context of the medical model of disability and concluded that relevant persons should be equalized with each other for the purpose of enjoying the special parking lots not according to their status, but according to their individual needs of using this right.

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