Public Defender of Georgia Establishes Discrimination against Tamaz Mechiauri

On March 5, 2018, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed Tianeti Municipality Mayor Tamaz Mechiauri with a recommendation to eliminate hard working conditions in which the Mayor's representatives and specialists have to work in the Tianeti municipality and to provide timely supply of firewood.

The employees of administrative units of the Tianeti municipality have not been supplied with firewood since November 2017, since the incumbent Mayor regards them as supporters of a different political force, due to which, the employees are in difficult conditions and are unable to work properly.

In the conversation with the representatives of the Public Defender, the employees of various administrative centers of the Tianeti municipality declared that they have to bring firewood for heating from their homes.

The Public Defender considered that since November 13, 2017, the respondent has had sufficient time to study the working conditions of his representatives and take all necessary measures to provide dignified and adequate labour conditions for them. In addition, the Public Defender was skeptical about the respondent’s argument that an agreement was signed on January 9, 2017, according to which, all administrative units were to be supplied with firewood not later than February 20, 2018. The Public Defender considers that due to the seriousness of the problem, the steps taken by the Mayor cannot meet the reasonable standard of time efficiency and endangers the health of the employed.

In addition, the Public Defender recommended the Tianeti Mayor to refrain from discriminatory treatment on grounds of political view or/and other motives in labour relations and observe the principle of equality in the future.

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