Public Defender’s Recommendation on Access to Water and Sanitation Infrastructure in Mestia Municipality Schools

On June 19, 2018, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed the Ministry of Education and Science and the Mestia Municipality Governor with a recommendation to ensure access to safe water and rehabilitation of sanitation infrastructure in public schools of the villages of Muzhali and Becho, Mestia Municipality.

The study of the case showed that the infrastructure and sanitary-hygienic environment in schools are not in compliance with relevant regulations and international standards.

The school toilets are located in the yard. Toilets are not supplied with water. They have no flushing system, taps or sewage system. Schools have no canteen, medical room or gym.

The source of water in the school of the village of Becho is the spring flowing in the school yard from the village water reservoir. Water safety in school has not been examined. Part of the school building is damaged; the education inventory is out of date. The school of the village of Muzhali has no access to drinking water; there is no central or local water supply system.

The Public Defender recommends urgent measures to be taken in order to solve the problem of water supply, sanitation and hygiene, and to rehabilitate toilets. Timely steps should be taken in order to rehabilitate the public school of the village of Becho and to ensure water supply in the public school of the village of Muzhali.

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