Recommendation concerning Proper Response to Violation of Juvenile’s Rights by State

On May 23, 2018, the Public Defender addressed the Director of the LEPL Social Service Agency and the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia with a recommendation regarding the violence against juveniles.

As a result of studying the case, the Public Defender's Office found out that the LEPL Social Service Agency has been working with A.D. and his/her 8 children since 2010, but the state has not yet taken any effective steps to protect the family members, especially juveniles from abuse and neglect. They have not been removed from the violent environment, which endangers their safety and development.

The Public Defender demands timely provision for non-violent and safe environment for the juveniles, where their rights and interests will be protected. In addition, the ongoing investigation should be carried out through coordination between the responsible departments and prevention of repeated violence should be taken into account. It is also important the LEPL Social Service Agency to be given the opportunity to carry out effective supervision over the juveniles’ rehabilitation process.

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