Public Defender Establishes Discrimination against Transgender Woman who was Refused to Rent Apartment

The Public Defender of Georgia has established discrimination on the ground of gender identity by a real estate agent. The Public Defender examined the case on the basis of a transgender woman's application, according to which, she was refused by the real estate agent to rent an apartment because of her gender identity and that the agent expressed aggression towards her.

The examination of the case made it clear that the real estate agent had pre-established discriminatory attitude and the refusal was not based on rational circumstances. The recommendation states that gender identity cannot be a ground for violating the rights and interests of any person, including in the field of housing.

The document focuses on frequent discrimination against the LGBT+ community relating to housing. The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that stereotypes about members of the LGBT+ community make it very difficult for them to access various economic resources and jobs.

Accordingly, the Public Defender called on the real estate agent to refrain from discriminatory treatment on the ground of gender identity or other grounds in the future and to conduct activities in accordance with the principle of equality.

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