Information Bulletin

Bulletin - Periodic Edition, February, 2014

Public Defender Presented February Report and Information Bulletin to the Media

February was outstanding with both emotionally and the diversity of the events. The number of citizen’s appeal still remains high, which on the one hand indicates that the awareness of the people about human rights continues to increase gradually and on the other, underlines the freedom of the citizens to report human rights violation without any fear. The high degree of informed society, as well as a public scrutiny on the activities of the government, carries a vital importance for strengthening institutions based on democratic values and human rights respect. February is also special, because of the fact that we laid down the foundation for a new tradition of public debates for the first time in the history of the main human rights constitutional body. The mentioned project is being implemented together with National Library of Georgia and by the support of European Union. I truly believe that monthly dialogue conducted by the involvement of all the relevant stakeholders will be conducive to the development of the principles of participatory democracy and the accountability of the government before the society.

Bulletin – Periodic Edition, February, 2014

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