Information Bulletin

Bulletin, Periodic Edition - February 2017

The Public Defender's February information bulletin provides information about the presentation of reports on the implementation of the recommendations included in the Public Defender's report 2015 in the Parliament’s Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee, the downsides of the new Director General of the Public Broadcaster and the three-year action plan of the Executive Board, and the bill on covert investigative actions, which can provide neither protection from unreasonable interference with the private life nor restoration of public confidence.

The bulletin includes the statements made by the Public Defender on the developments ongoing in the country, including the arrest of archpriest Giorgi Mamaladze and violation of the presumption of innocence, arrests of people at the dividing line, the Tskhinvali de facto court's decision to sentence Giorgi Giunashvili to 20-year imprisonment, the changes made in the mental health funding methodology and the results of the changes.

The bulletin also offers information about presentation of several special reports: Activity Report 2016, the analysis and recommendations concerning the law on the occupied territories, the women and children's rights situation in Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region, as well as a public debate on the deaths caused by traffic accidents and road safety issues.

In addition, the bulletin includes information about our proposals and recommendations, successful cases, efforts of our Office, important international stories about human rights and other issues.

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