Information Bulletin

Bulletin, Periodic Edition - March 2017

In the March information bulletin the Public Defender reviewed his annual report on the situation of human rights and freedoms submitted to the Parliament of Georgia. He briefly reviewed the topics of the report, recommendations and significant trends. He praised the implementation of parliamentary control, but he said it was not justified to reflect recommendations in the parliamentary resolution in an altered form, as the resolution may not include the most critical recommendations that are necessary for the introduction of high standards of human rights, which may weaken the parliamentary control over the executive government.

The bulletin reviews the events developed around the Rustavi 2 TV company and the Public Broadcaster. The bulletin also provides information about the Public Defender’s statements on diverse media environment and important events that took place in the country, including the clashes between protesters and law enforcers in Batumi, insulting statements about persons with autism and necessity for labour inspection.

It is said in the bulletin that for the purpose of studying the circumstances of violation of the right to privacy, making legal assessment of such cases and creating response mechanisms, the Public Defender sent a letter of invitation toMr.Joseph Cannatacithe, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy.

The document provides information about Public Defender’s recommendations, proposals, general proposals and amicus curiae brief, as well as international speeches, meetings, public debates, international stories about human rights, staff changes in the Public Defender’s Office, statistical data on applications, etc.

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