Information Bulletin

Bulletin, Periodic Edition – October, 2016

The Public Defender of Georgia has presented the October information bulletin, which reviews the parliamentary elections of Georgia, the identified violations and the need for their timely and effective investigation. The document also reviews two special reports: on the monitoring carried out in the state care institutions for persons with disabilities and on combating and preventing discrimination and the situation of equality in the country. The bulletin also offers information about a survey on the legislative reform of capacity and recommendations for its effective implementation.

You can also get information about the public debate on investigation of hate crimes, during which investigation of alleged crimes committed on grounds of religion, race, sexual orientation and gender identity was discussed.

Special attention is devoted to the international conference on Business and Human Rights: Challenges and Prospects in Georgia, where invited experts stressed that the necessity for creation of effective labour inspection mechanism became more urgent after large companies started to operate in the country that led to the increased gaps in the protection of human rights in the business sector, which is proved by the high number of persons injured or killed in the workplace.

The bulletin provides information about the successfully completed cases, where citizens’ rights were restored due to the Public Defender’s efforts. Among them were: identification of a disciplinary violation committed by the Penitentiary Department officer (physical and verbal abuse of a prisoner) and imposition of a disciplinary penalty on him; a convict underwent surgery that had been delayed for a year and a half; the National Enforcement Bureau shared the Public Defender’s legal explanations, completed execution proceedings and appealed to the relevant agencies to revoke restrictions imposed on a defendant.

Batumi City Court accepted the materials and amicus curiae brief of the Public Defender as evidence and relied on the materials of the Public Defender's Office to prove the factual circumstances in its judgment regarding the case of hindrance to the opening of a Muslim boarding school in Kobuleti.

The bulletin includes information about the Public Defender’s public statements, meetings and visits, the monitoring carried out in the closed institutions, and the conditions and importance of the Me-Ombudsman competition for raising civic education.

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