Amicus Curiae

A memorandum of cooperation between the Public Defender and NGOs

On May 10, 2010, the Public Defender and non-governmental organizations - the Human Rights Center, the union Century 21, Article 42 of the Constitution, the Center for the Protection of Constitutional Rights and the Georgian Young Lawyers Association - concluded a memorandum of cooperation to cooperate in the field of legislative proposals and constitutional law making aimed at protecting and strengthening human rights.

The parties consider it a priority to ensure due protection of human rights and freedoms at the legislative level. They realize the necessity to address the Constitutional Court with constitutional complaints and friends of the court (Amicus Curiae) in written form with the aim of protecting human rights and express their readiness to cooperate actively in the aforementioned fields.

With the aim of perfecting the provisions in the legislative acts of Georgia that concern human rights and freedoms, the parties, on the basis of an agreement, will jointly develop legislative proposals and submit them to the Georgian Parliament for consideration.

Through constitutional law making, the parties will cooperate to strengthen basic human rights and freedoms and prepare constitutional complaints and friends of the court (Amicus Curiae) to be submitted to the Constitutional Court.

With the aim of cooperating effectively, the parties have agreed to hold meetings once a month in order to make plans for cooperation, determine concrete directions and exchange information.

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