Amicus Curiae

Public Defender of Georgia files amicus curia brief on alleged fact of discrimination based on different opinion

On January 31, 2019 Public Defender of Georgia filed to the Tbilisi City Court amicus curiae brief on alleged fact of discrimination on the ground of different opinion.

As indicated by the applicant, after expressing dissatisfaction with regard to issuing bonuses, manager of the organization started to apply restrictive measures against him/her. Eventually, the applicant was dismissed from work based on the expiration of the term of the employment contract.

In the amicus curiae brief, Public Defender of Georgia discussed the harassment in labor relations as one of the forms of discrimination and elaborated those components that shall be considered during harassment. In addition, she discussed distribution of burden of proof between the parties in discrimination cases.

In her amicus curiae brief, Public Defender also noted the importance to assess whether the applicant was employed permanently and whether the formal expiration of the contract was the ground for dismissal, particularly considering the fact that since 2016 company concluded a contract with the applicant for four times.

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