Amicus Curiae

Public Defender files Amicus Curie Brief concerning Gender Roles Related to Profession

On August 16, 2019 the Public Defender of Georgia filed amicus curie brief regarding alleged harassment on ground of gender to the Sighnaghi District Court. The applicant’s interest at PDO is presentenced by the Partnership of Human Rights (PHR).

The applicant is a woman, employed as a Judo trainer at sports union of Sagarejo Municipality. The application refers to being a victim of harassment at the workplace by her superiors.

In the amicus curie brief the Public Defender noted that restrictions of labor rights of the applicant might be result of wrongful, stereotypical understanding of gender roles regarding her profession that should be considered as discrimination on grounds of gender. In light of international conventions and case law of Common Courts of Georgia, the Public Defender also reviewed standards related to harassment at the workplace.

The document also emphasizes that taking into account stereotypes and prejudices existing in society related to professions and gender roles, PDO considers important to submit amicus curie brief on the mentioned case.

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