Information Meetings on Gender Equality in Tsalka

On November 3 and 4, 2022, employees of the Public Defender’s Office, Sofio Rusetski and Mariam Gvidiani, met eco-immigrant women, teachers and young people living in Tsalka and the village of Gumbati of Tsalki municipality, and introduced them to the mandate of the Public Defender of Georgia, especially the work specifics in the direction of gender equality.

The services available for victims of violence against women and domestic violence, the role of local self-government, challenges relating to women's reproductive health and access to health care in the municipality were discussed at the meetings. The locals are especially concerned about their difficult economic situation.

At the meeting with representatives of the Tsalka district division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, the representatives of the Public Defender's Office spoke about violence against women and domestic violence. The parties discussed the trends of detection and reporting of the cases of violence, as well as access to the protection and support services for women and girls; the importance of preventive measures was also emphasized.

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