Statement of the Public Defender about the Mother’s Day

I would like to congratulate the whole Georgia on a Mother's Day. March 3 has been celebrated since 1991 in Georgia, but the tradition of the celebration of this remarkable day takes its roots earlier from the world’s history. Celebrating of this day falls within the women's history month, when we commemorate the enormous contribution of women, their achievements in the building of democratic State and in the developments of various fields.

Mother's Day isn’t only for flowers and greeting cards. This day is a day of the rights, respect of women’s contribution and appreciation for their role. Maternity protection and support should be a top priority for the country and society and because it is important that children should not be brought up by only one parent. Both parents and society should be responsible equally to educate and develop the future generations.

I would like to especially congratulate this day to single mothers who undertake a great responsibility to bring up their children alone without a legal status and assistance by state or the society. Due to dominance of stereotypes in the society they often are the victims of domestic violence or violence in general. I would like to congratulate the mothers of many children who are in difficult economic-social state in Georgia and they bring up their children without a proper support.

I would like to congratulate the whole women who live in exile, poverty, disability, or growths a child with special care needs. This year will be better for you and your families.

I would like to appeal the State agencies to determine the status of single mother at the legislative level and ensure the action of the programs of the protection and assistance. Particular attention should be paid to vulnerable women's groups’ health issues, including the women with many children, singles and bread-winner mothers.

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