Special Reports

Public Defender’s 9th Special Report on Equality

On April 22, 2024, the Public Defender of Georgia presented the 9th annual report on the situation of equality.

The report provides an overview of the obstacles faced by women, persons with disabilities, representatives of religious and ethnic minorities, members of the LGBTIQ+ community and other vulnerable groups in terms of the realization of the right to equality in various fields during 2023. The report also provides information about the activities carried out and decisions made by the Public Defender of Georgia for the protection of the right to equality.

In the reporting period, the Public Defender studied 122 cases of alleged discrimination. The percentage of applications according to the grounds of alleged discrimination were grouped as follows:

  • Sex/gender - 17%;
  • Dissent - 16%;
  • Nationality/citizenship - 8%;
  • Disability - 7%;
  • Political opinion - 6%;
  • Religion - 5%;
  • Age - 4%;
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity – 4 %;
  • Trade union membership - 2%;
  • Discriminatory treatment on other grounds was relevant in this reporting period as well and made up the most - 31% of the applications.

In 2023, the Public Defender prepared 5 recommendations, 2 general proposals and 3 amicus curiae briefs on equality issues. Regarding 6 cases, despite the fact that discriminatory treatment could not be established due to factual circumstances, the Public Defender considered it necessary to clarify a number of issues related to the right to equality for the respondents.

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