Proposal to Chief Prosecutor Regarding Guard Actions

The Public Defender addressed the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia with a proposal to start an investigation into possible offense committed by workers of the guard department towards convicts in the establishment N2 in Kutaisi.

On November 7, 2014, representatives of the Public Defender visited convicts G.S., G.S. and N.T. in the establishment N2 in Kutaisi. According to the convicts, on November 4 of the current year, while they were being transferred to the Kutaisi Court of Appeal guards exercised provocative treatment towards them. After arriving to the court all three convicts were placed in three different cells of the temporary detention isolator. This fact caused protest of the convicts. The protests were followed by a verbal confrontation with one of the guards that grew into mutual verbal assaults. The angry guard left for several minutes and returned to G.S. ‘s cell with a gun. All three convicts unequivocally maintain that the guard pointed the gun at G.S. from the cell door window and threatened to kill him.

After the court hearing ended around twenty workers of the guard department beat up all three convicts in the isolator building. Afterwards the inmates were taken back to Kutaisi establishment N2.

At the meeting with the Public Defender, the convicts’ bodies displayed various injury marks. Existence of injuries are also confirmed by notes in the accused/convict trauma registry of the establishment, as well as acts of external examination of arriving inmates drawn up by a doctor on duty at the penitentiary establishment N2 that are dated November 4. 

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