Proposal to the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia Regarding Possible Criminal Actions Committed by Tskaltubo Police

The Public Defender of Georgia addressed the Main Prosecutor of Georgia with a proposal to start investigation with regards to possible criminal actions against citizen D. KH. on the part of workers of Tskaltubo District Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

According to information provided to the Public Defender of Georgia by citizen D. KH., the workers of Tskaltubo District Division of the MIA detained D. KH. in one’s own house, on September 18, 2014. They took the person to the area adjacent to the River Gubistskali and severely beaten him up for the purpose of his confessing to a robbery. After the beating and torture D. KH. was left in the woods for the whole night handcuffed and in just his underwear. Only at 6 am in the following morning, he was taken to Tskaltubo District Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and afterwards transferred to Kutaisi temporary detention facility.

According to D. KH., since even after the torture he had not confessed to the fact of committing a robbery narcotic substance was placed in a front right pocket of his trousers but the fact of consumption of this substance was not confirmed after a relevant test.

During a meeting with the Public Defender, D. KH. demonstrated that he had scrab-covered damaged areas on his hands, legs and back.

We shall especially note a circumstance that according to the relevant documentation, at the moment of the detention D. KH. had no traces of damage on his body, while several hours afterwards, during the examination in the temporary detention facility he had numerous significant damages on the body.

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