Proposal to the Chief Prosecutor regarding an alleged fact of ill-treatment towards a detainee

The Public Defender of Georgia addressed the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia with a proposal to start an investigation with regards to alleged criminal actions exercised towards citizen B.R.

The convict placed in the penitentiary establishment N2 in Kutaisi told representatives of the Public Defender that on November 20, 2014, at 12.00 he/she was detained by workers of the Baghdati district division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia when visiting a friend in one of the villages of Baghdati municipality. With the use of force he/she was put in a car and taken to woods, where, as B.R. states, with the aim of getting confessions on several facts of theft from him/her policemen were exercising physical pressure on him for 6 hours. Later he/she was taken to the Baghdati district division for interrogation during which investigators were verbally assaulting him.

According to documents in the Baghdati temporary detention isolator, at the moment of placement of B.R. the following marks were noted on his/her body: excoriations on the left ear and right side of the abdomen, also, a small wound on the inner side of the upper lip. In words of the convict, the above damages were received prior to the detention in the woods as a result of beatings administered by the representatives of the Baghdati District division of the MoIA. The damages on the body of the detained were also registered in the medical examination certificate and medical documents of the Kutaisi penitentiary establishment N2.

In case of reasonable doubts with regards to torture and other types of ill-treatment prosecution bodies should conduct impartial, effective and comprehensive investigation for identification of persons accused of these types of actions

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