Public Defender Addresses Prosecutor's Office with Proposal concerning Domestic Violence

On June 1, 2017, the Public Defender addressed the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia with a proposal to launch an investigation into two cases of domestic violence.

One of the cases concerns systematic physical and psychological violence committed against an old person, E.K., by his son, who was also threatening to hill him. E.K. appealed to police 18 times to protect him from domestic violence, mainly referring to psychological violence. Even though E.K. has been appealing to police for years, he still cannot live a peaceful life and is expecting another act of violence. Law enforcement agencies consider E.K.’s each appeal is as a separate case and do not take into view the systematic character of the violence. At the same time, there has not been any discussion of the use of criminal mechanisms.

The second case concerns threats and domestic violence committed against N.K. and her children by her husband. According to N.K., her children have health problems as a result of the systematic psychological and physical abuse. Although N.K. talked about quite serious forms of domestic violence against her and her children in a police station, only a restraining order has been issued. N.K. and her children have been placed in a shelter for victims of domestic violence for several months. Consequently, the safety of the mother and her children is provided provisionally, but they may still be subjected to repeated violence after leaving the shelter, especially given that the alleged offender has not been held responsible.

The Public Defender of Georgia hopes that the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia will respond to the abovementioned cases in a timely manner.

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