Public Defender's Proposal relating to Provision of Adequate Service to Beneficiaries of Small Group Homes after they Reach Full Age

On April 16, 2018, the Public Defender sent a proposal to the Government of Georgia relating to the provision of adequate services to the beneficiaries of small group homes after they reach full age.

The monitoring carried out by the Public Defender's Office in small group homes showed that one of the most important challenges is the failure to protect the rights of the beneficiaries of small group homes after they turn 18 and leave the service, and to prepare them for independent life. In many cases, 18-year-old persons leave the service so that they are not prepared for independent life – they are not employed, do not have a profession relevant to their interests and are not provided with housing. The state does not have a specific service supporting 18-year-old persons that would be tailored to their basic needs in order to enable them to get education and be protected from poverty, violence and other threats.

The Public Defender recommended the Government to develop a specific sub-program to properly support the beneficiaries of small group homes after they leave state service and to make amendments to the subprogram on small groups homes of the Government’s Decree N 601 on Approval of Social Rehabilitation and Child Care State Program 2018, Article 3, considering the needs of the abovementioned young people, including their need to get higher/vocational education.

The Public Defender of Georgia hopes that the steps taken by the state will be effective and will properly support the young people to prepare them for independent life after they leave the state care service.

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