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Human Rights in Closed Institutions Report of National Preventive Mechanism of Georgia 2013

This report describes results of the monitoring conducted in 2013 in penitentiary institutions, police stations, temporary detention isolators and the Academician B. Naneishvili National Center of Mental Health. It also provides information about the monitoring of small-size family-type children’s homes carried out in February 2014.

The monitoring of the penitentiary institutions and the agencies subordinated to the Georgian Interior Ministry system was made possible by the European Union’s financial support. The monitoring of the small-size family-type children’s homes was financed by the Open Society Georgia Foundation.

Members of the Prevention and Monitoring Department of the Public Defender’s Office conducted 45 planned visits and 313 special visits to Georgia’s penitentiary institutions meeting 2,670 prisoners during the reporting period. 140 planned visits and 13 special visits were paid to and 107 detainees were visited in temporary detention isolators and police stations within the Georgian Interior Ministry system. 9 visits were paid to and 25 patients were visited in psychiatric institutions. 3 planned visits were paid to detention facilities for military servicemen (hauptwachts) and 27 military servicemen were visited. 30 visits were paid to and 250 children were visited in smallsize family-type children’s homes.

During the monitoring visits, Public Defender’s trusties were inspecting both the physical environment and the status of protection of rights of individuals in these institutions. A special attention was paid to the actual treatment of these persons.

Human Rights in Closed Institutions Report of National Preventive Mechanism of Georgia. 2013

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