Annual Reports

The Report of the National Preventive Mechanism 2014

This report represents activities and monitoring results of National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) in 2014 in penitentiary institutions, police stations, temporary detention isolators, psychiatric institutions and small family-type homes for children. Furthermore, there is a monitoring summary of joint return operation flight of migrants in 2014. It should be noted that, it was for the first time that the joint operation for the return of migrants was conducted. Accordingly, NPM will permanently continue to assess the situation of migrants and examine their protection from ill-treatment in the future. The monitoring of the Penitentiary institutions and agencies under the Ministry of Internal Affairs were conducted by the EU financial support. Monitoring of the small family-type homes for children became possible by the financial support of the “Open Society Georgia Foundation”.

During the reporting period, National Preventive Group under the Public Defender's Office has carried out 24 planned and 364 ad hoc visits to the penitentiary institutions of Georgia, 3040 prisoners were visited. There were 28 planned visits to the police stations and temporary detention isolators, 3 planned visits to the psychiatric institutions and 44 planned visits to the small family-type homes for children. The joint return operation flight (Tbilisi – Paris – Warsaw – Tbilisi) was attended and monitored and the vehicles for transportation of prisoners were inspected. During the monitoring representatives of Public Defender's Office examined the legal status and physical environment of persons placed in institutions. Special attention was paid to the treatment of these individuals.

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