General Proposals

Public Defender Terms Internship Rule as Discriminatory on Grounds of Social Status

On July 20, 2020, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed the Parliament of Georgia with a general proposal to draft legislative changes in order to introduce paid internship in public institutions and to provide wider employment opportunities for interns.

The general proposal was based on the application of a graduate student, who arrived from one of the regions of Georgia and worked as an intern in Tbilisi, however, as the internship was not remunerated, the young person was forced to terminate the internship and get a job that was not related to his profession.

The Public Defender emphasizes the importance of internship for the development of professional skills in young people and points out that the current system of Georgia promotes the social exclusion of those who cannot afford to do an unpaid internship and, consequently, start professional development at an early stage.

The Public Defender hopes that the internship system of Georgia will be adapted to all persons regardless of their social status in the shortest possible time.

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