Meeting with Schoolchildren relating to Human Rights

On 13 February 2019, the Human Rights Education Department of the Public Defender's Office organized a meeting between representatives of various departments of the Public Defender's Office and 11th graders of public school No 64. Employees of the Public Defender's Office informed schoolchildren of various, thematic issues of human rights of an elective course - State and Law, human rights standards and mechanisms, the Public Defender's mandate and activities.

Participants of the meeting also spoke about the main problematic issues identified by the Public Defender's Office as a result of the surveys conducted relating to human rights education and learning opportunities in general educational institutions. With regard to the child’s rights, they discussed the most frequently violated rights, including cases of bullying and the rule of referring to the Public Defender in case of alleged violations, as well as the programmes aimed at deepening children’s knowledge and skills in the field of human rights.

Special attention was paid to the issue of gender stereotypes in the country, prevention of early marriage and the practice of the Public Defender in this direction. Other topics of the meeting were the main principles of the law on elimination of all forms of discrimination, cases of discrimination and the practice of the Public Defender's Office in terms of identifying the violations of the right to equality and responding to them.

At the end of the meeting, the students were able to get answers to their questions.

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