International Events against Discrimination, Hate Speech and Racism

First Deputy Public Defender of Georgia Tamar Gvaramadze took part in a seminar against racial discrimination in Albania on June 13-14, 2023. The purpose of the meeting held in Vlorë, Albania was to discuss and share best practices in the fight against discrimination, hate speech and racism.

Representatives of the equality bodies and national human rights institutions/ombudsmen of the countries of the Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership region participated in the international seminar.

Participants discussed the necessary needs to adapt local legislations and policies to European standards, including the EU Anti-Racism Action Plan and the European Commission's Recommendations against Racism and Intolerance and other relevant standards; Another topic discussed was the important role of civil society in the fight against discrimination, racism and hatred, which is especially emphasized in the EU Anti-Racism Action Plan.

On June 15-16, a meeting of the equality bodies was held, the purpose of which was to share experience in the direction of examining discrimination and hate-motivated cases. The meeting focused on hate speech and support services for victims of hate crimes. In addition, European standards and latest practices were discussed.

Ana Kvatchadze, a representative of the Equality Department of the Public Defender’s Office, also participated in the events.

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