Public Defende’s Statement on Dismissal of Employees from the Union of the Blind of Georgia

The Public Defender’s Office of Georgia is conducting proceedings to study the legality of the dismissal of 12 persons from the Education, Culture and Sports Center of the Union of the Blind of Georgia. The case shows signs of violation of the labour rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Georgia and labour legislation. The Public Defender has also been informed that the aforementioned twelve persons, in order to restore their violated labour rights, filed lawsuits with Tbilisi City Court. The lawsuits have been accepted for consideration, although the hearing of the cases and final decisions are related to long terms.

The majority of those dismissed are persons with disabilities. Three of them resorted to the extreme form of protest - hunger strike. They have been on hunger strike for the 9th day in the building of the Union of the Blind of Georgia NNLE, which is extremely dangerous for their health and life.

According to the information available to the Public Defender’s Office, negotiations are underway between the parties and it is possible to resolve the issue by mutual agreement. Based on the above, in order to avoid irreparable harm to their health and life, the Public Defender appeals to the chairman and board members of the Union of the Blind of Georgia to reach an agreement on the restoration of the labour rights of the dismissed, taking into account the constructive reconciliation of positions and the actual situation.

We hope that the authorized persons will consider the situation created and the sensitivity of the issue, and will make an optimal decision in the shortest possible time, which will contribute to the timely restoration of the rights of the dismissed persons and the continuation of the proper functioning of the Union of the Blind of Georgia.

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