Information on Rights and Responsibilities of Employees and Employers

You should not go to work if you had left the country or had been in close contact with a coronavirus carrier for the past 14 days; if you are over the age of 70 or have chronic illnesses.

The employer is obliged not to allow persons with signs and/or symptoms of COVID-19 to work, as well as to develop a flexible working regime, inform employees about the virus-related recommendations, disinfect the workplaces, observe the sanitary and hygiene standards and provide individual protective equipment. Install physical barriers at medium risk workplaces, if possible.

The Ministry of Health issued recommendations regarding the state of emergency, which elaborate on how to avoid the infection and the spreading of the infection. The Public Defender offers a brief description of these recommendations, emphasizing the key rights and obligations.

If you find any of these recommendations violated, call the hotline of the Ministry of Health - 1505, the hotline of the Disease Control Center - 116 001, or the hotline of Ministry of Internal Affairs - 112. You can also call the Public Defender's hotline at 1481, if your rights are violated.

Woking Hours: Monday–Friday 9:00–18:00
Hot line: 1481 (24/7)