Public Defender Meets with People Living in Ozurgeti Social Housing

On August 5, 2020, Public Defender Nino Lomjaria met with people living in the social housing of Ozurgeti municipality and received information about their conditions.

The social housing is located in the former hospital building and up to 50 families live there for a long term.

According to the residents, the local self-government is doing its best to restore the necessary infrastructure. The building is supplied with natural gas and is periodically repaired. However, the water supply system is still faulty, which has caused particular problems during the COVID-19 pandemic and made it difficult for residents to maintain hygiene. According to the representatives of the local self-government, they have already started taking measures to eliminate this problem.

According to Ozurgeti Deputy Mayor Irakli Siradze, the social housing has no waiting list at this stage, as all persons have been provided with adequate space in the social housing or in rented private houses.

The Public Defender will periodically monitor the measures taken to improve the situation in the social housing.

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