Public Defender’s Office Echoes Alleged Violation of Children's Rights during Political Debate

The Public Defender’s Office of Georgia echoes the alleged violation of children's rights and neglect of their best interests during political debate or expression of protest. Statements against the rights and interests of the child had been responded by the Public Defender during the last year as well. In the the current political situation, it is common for politicians and public figures to spread harmful phrases on the social network against the children of the addressees of criticism, which indicates the lack of political culture.

Inclusion of children in the process of political debate with specific persons and referring to their minor children as the addressees of critical statements, using phrases that are offensive or harmful to children, and resorting to actions traumatic to them, are especially damaging.

This not only harms the emotional state of the minor, but also contains a real danger and may even incite the oppression of the child. In this process, politicians and public figures need to pay special attention, because the probability of their opinions being shared by the public is much higher. In addition, protecting the safety and interests of minors should be one of the most important values of society and the obligation of each person.

Accordingly, the Public Defender’s Office once again calls on everyone to exercise special caution and high responsibility when expressing a political position, and to avoid using practice and phrases harmful to children in this process.

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