June 20 Is International Refugee Day

Every day tens of thousands of people around the world are forced to leave their homeland, or permanent residence, due to wars and violations of fundamental human rights. And their number is increasing from year to year. There are currently more than 82 million displaced persons worldwide, including more than 30 million refugees and asylum seekers. Despite the movement difficulties caused by the Covid pandemic, last year the number of asylum applications was high in Georgia as well.

The Public Defender of Georgia oversees the realization of the rights of asylum seekers within the framework of the constitutional mandate and reflects the rights situation of asylum seekers and internationally protected persons in Georgia in an annual parliamentary report.

The Public Defender of Georgia joins the celebration of the International Refugee Day and hopes that the State will take more active measures to protect the rights of displaced persons, including asylum seekers and internationally protected persons. It is also important to raise public awareness of the rights of these individuals, in order to protect them from deportation, discrimination, xenophobia and other violations of fundamental rights.

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